What is “Hilliard All-American Travel Baseball”?

In 1997 the Hilliard All-American Travel Baseball organization (HAATB) was formed to provide additional opportunities for children in the Hilliard City School District to play affordable and competitive travel baseball. Our organization has grown along side the Hilliard Community. Since our inception, our single team organization has grown into multiple teams. Our goal and desire is to provide affordable, high quality baseball opportunities for children in the Hilliard Ohio community.

What makes the HAATB organization unique?

-Coaches are trained and evaluated every year.
-All players are either a resident of Hilliard or attend school in the Hilliard City School District
-Players will play at least one-half of every game with the goal of playing a minimum of 67% of the  time.
-Emphasis is on instruction, safety, having fun, competitiveness, and sportsmanship.
-Face guards are required on all batting helmets through age 11.
How many teams are in the Panther organization?

HAATB consist of a U8 through U13 age group, with one team per age group. The player’s age on April 30th determines the player’s eligible age division for the current season. This includes April 30th. For example: Your child is 10 years old on April 30th, he is eligible to play in the 10 and under division.  

How can my child play for the Panthers?

Try-outs are held at the end of each season for the following season. These try-outs are usually held in the middle to the end of each July. Try-out dates and times will be posted on this website, on our Face book page, and other local media outlets when available.  

How many games are played in a season?

The number of games scheduled will depend on the age group. Each team will play an age appropriate schedule which is typically 25-45 games played between early April through mid July.

How does HAATB fund Panther Baseball?

The cost involved with travel baseball is significant. However, cost should never prohibit a child's participation. A combination of annual player fees and fund raisers off-set most of this cost. These costs include items such as league fees, tournaments, uniforms, equipments, umpires etc.

What Are the Coaching Qualifications?

HAATB coaches have a proven commitment to providing quality youth baseball within the Hilliard School District. The HAATB Board interviews and approves all head coaches. These coaches are evaluated every year and are subject to a background check. If interested in becoming a head coach, please contact a board member for more information.

Thanks for your interest in Hilliard Panther Baseball!
Go Panthers!